Impact analysis

Identify key services in your area

Doing an impact analysis helps you plan ahead.

An impact analysis helps you to pinpoint the key services offered in your county and what’s needed to deliver them. Then you can look at how the county will be affected if any of these services are disrupted or have problems.

How to do an impact analysis

  1. List the main services and activities your county offers. This should include how many units there are in each section, any campsites or activity centres, annual large-scale camps you run, trips and more.
  2. Write down what the impact would be, to people and to the county, if any of these were disrupted for 24 hours, 24-48 hours, one week, two weeks and longer than two weeks.
  3. From this, you can see how long you can carry on without each service.
  4. Create a plan to bring back services or to offer a different service in its place to reduce the problems caused by the disruption.