Recruiting employees

Job descriptions, adverts and interviews

Everything you need to know about recruitment.

Job description and person specification 

Its useful to draft a job description and person specification for a role before recruiting, so youre clear about the tasks and skills required. There isn’t a set format for these documents, but a job description usually details the list of tasks required and the person specification sets out the required skills and experience needed. The job description should always include ‘such tasks as may reasonably be required by the employer’. This means that small changes can be made to duties without causing a problem.  

This template will help with writing job descriptions. 

The advertisement 

Its not a legal requirement to  advertise externally for a job, but its good  practice, especially for equal opportunities. An advertisement normally includes the job titlekey skills needed, and a starting salary or salary range. Don’t use language thats discriminatory, including language that could be indirectly discriminatory. For further guidance on this, check out our Inclusive language webpage 

The interview 

 The candidates should be asked the same questions, although there will always be certain questions that are specificcoming from their CV or application form). At interview, questions shouldnt be asked that are discriminatory and candidates shouldnt be asked questions about their health, unless it’s necessary to make reasonable adjustments (take a look our Discrimination page for more information), or unless it relates to a specific requirement of the job 

For example, it would be okay to ask them if there were any health problems that would prevent them from drivingif driving is an inherent part of the jobThis is only okay if the requirement to drive wasnt something that could be reasonably adjusted.