Body confidence for girls

We're challenging the beauty myth - so girls aren't held back by worrying about how they look

Did you know 1 in 3 girls aged 11-16 compare themselves to celebrities most of the time?

Anxiety about how they look shouldn't be holding girls back. But this year's Girls' Attitudes Survey showed that girls feel like it does. So we're working to build their body confidence and show them that they can do all sorts of things if they try. 

Girlguiding helps girls realise 'Oh, I can do this'

When there is so much adventure to be had and exciting skills to learn - why would appearances matter?

Our volunteers are constantly setting new challenges for girls to overcome and encouraging them to try things they've never attempted before. They're free to experiment, discover, fail, achieve and grow in Rainbows (5-7), Brownies (7-10), Guides (10-14) and Rangers (14-18)

In a world where there aren't many women in the top leadership positions, in Girlguiding girls are leading right from the get go. Our Rainbows decide which activities they're going to do in their Rainbow chat, Brownies get to lead their small groups or 'sixes', while Guides can help out leading in younger age groups.

There are even more leadership opportunities for our oldest age group Rangers, they can get a Young Leader qualification and become Peer Educators. As Peer Educators they're able to build their own confidence as well as leading other girls to complete a body confidence badge.

Body confidence badge

The Free Being Me badge creates a ripple effect that builds the confidence of girls who do the badge, and then encourages them to build their friends' confidence too.

To get the badge girls, do activities that challenge the idea that girls and women 'should' look a certain way, and then they're encouraged to do a project that shares this message with more people.