Girlguiding appeals for more volunteers to meet demand of girls wanting to join

16 June 2022

  • Girlguiding reports a 20% increase in young membership since 2021
  • The organisation has experienced the highest number of young member enquiries since 2015, with over 184,000 submitted in 2021 
  • Girlguiding is appealing for more volunteers to support influx of girls wanting to join

Girlguiding, the leading charity for girls and young women, has reported a 20 per cent increase in its young membership (members aged 4-18) since 2021 from 239,222 up to 290,468. In the last year the charity has seen the highest number of young member enquiries submitted since 2015, with 184,000 young member enquiries submitted in 2021 alone. The charity now has 56,882 girls and young women on it’s waiting list wanting to join either a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Ranger unit.

Research has shown youth services such as Girlguiding give young people skills, confidence, opportunities and improve their wellbeing. Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey found 61% of girls and young women aged 11 to 21 said being part of a youth group or club makes them feel accepted, 60% connected to others and 58% said they learn new skills. Research from the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow also showed that children who participate in Guiding or Scouting are likely to have better mental health in later life. Girlguiding’s programme helps girls to develop skills such as self-reliance and encourages being active outdoors, which may have lifelong benefits for health and wellbeing.

Girlguiding relies on volunteers to run local units in communities across the UK. The charity is appealing for more volunteers to help meet demands and offer more  girls and young women a space where they can be themselves, build brilliant friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference in their communities. 

Volunteering for Girlguiding boasts lots of the same benefits, with opportunities to meet new friends, share and gain transferable skills and take a break from everyday routines to spend time having fun and be inspired by incredible girls and young women – making  a difference to the lives of girls in their local communities.

Girlguiding volunteers help girls build their confidence, have adventures, learn new skills and have loads of fun in the process. Volunteering isn't just about campfires and helping girls to get their next badge - although those are special moments, it’s about empowering girls and giving them new experiences. It's being a role model and helping girls to realise their full potential.

Whatever the experience level, background or time spare, there are lots of different and flexible ways to volunteer with Girlguiding. Volunteering doesn't need a full-time commitment. In addition to holding or helping at weekly unit meetings, there are also supporting and helper roles, from special events and shop management, to roles behind the scenes in event planning, administration, finance and photography.

For those already involved in guiding and keen to progress, there are specialist volunteer roles. These include trainer coordinator, outdoor activities adviser, admin support, communications and PR adviser.

Emma, Assistant Region Chief Commissioner in North West England and Brownie leader, 21, said “Volunteering at Girlguiding has been so rewarding for me. My journey with guiding goes back to when I was a Rainbow myself and I got to experience all the fun and adventure of being a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Ranger. While a Ranger, I began volunteering at the Brownie unit I had been a part of. I also volunteered as a Girlguiding Advocate and as a Girlguiding Action for Change Network Coach. I am now the youngest Assistant Region Chief Commissioner, and I am still so passionate about Girlguiding.   

“My volunteering roles and journey throughout the organisation has helped me to discover confidence and self-belief that I didn’t know I had. By volunteering, I ensure that as many young women as possible benefit from the organisation in the same way I have.” 

Angela Salt OBE, CEO Girlguiding said: The pressures girls and young women face in their every day lives are relentless, with many worries further exacerbated by the pandemic. Research has shown how being part of a youth group can positively impact mental wellbeing and it’s now more than ever that Girlguiding has an invaluable role to play in continuing to support girls’ wellbeing.

“It’s fantastic to see our offer acknowledged through the significant amount of girls wanting to join, but we urgently need more adult volunteers to ensure that as many girls as possible have access to both the support and opportunities Girlguiding provides to build confidence and resilience, learn new skills and have lots of fun and adventures with friends.

“We encourage anyone considering volunteering to take a look at the benefits on offer at Girlguiding – from meeting new people and  gaining skills to simply knowing that by giving your time, you are making a positive contribution to the lives of girls and young women.”

You can register your interest in volunteering on the Girlguiding website here: Register your interest | Girlguiding