Announcement about Girlguiding UK’s overseas operations

19 April 2023

Over the past year Girlguiding’s board of trustees has been examining British Girlguiding Overseas (BGO), including our offer for girls who live in British Overseas Territories.

They looked at how best to manage risk, and our future ability to run an overseas operation in 36 countries and territories across the world, each with separate laws and regulations.

The board of trustees has decided to change how Girlguiding UK operates overseas and end organised guiding run by Girlguiding UK (units, volunteer structure, trips and online meetings) in these countries and territories from 1 September 2023. Further discussions are now taking place about how girls overseas might be involved in guiding in the future.

BGO, including guiding for girls who live in British Overseas Territories, has been a valued part of Girlguiding UK for much of our 113-year history. Thousands of incredible volunteers have provided fun, friendship and adventure for girls who are living overseas. Girlguiding UK would like to thank everyone involved over the years for showing girls a world of opportunities big and small.

We want to support girls and volunteers living overseas to be part of guiding in different ways in the future. We are working with volunteers to provide information and guidance to members living overseas and in British Overseas Territories on the options available for girls.

This decision does not affect international trips for girls who live and are part of units in the UK.

We remain committed to providing more opportunities for all girls to feel and be part of our worldwide sisterhood of guiding – from learning about different countries and cultures, to being connected to girls in other countries and feeling part of the WAGGGS movement.

Angela Salt OBE, CEO of Girlguiding, Catherine Irwin MBE, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Tracy Foster, Chief Guide