A message about the activity centres

3 July 2024

This week information was published on a social media group about the sale of our activity centres and we're aware of the messages that some of our members are sharing in response. We felt it was important to share an update on the current situation.

We are still in the process of selling our activity centres, so information about the sale remains commercially confidential and for legal reasons we are not able to comment until completion. That means that, although others have shared information, we cannot say more at the moment.

In 2023 Girlguiding’s trustees made the difficult decision to sell our 5 Girlguiding owned activity centres. The decision was made with a heavy heart, and we promised that we would use the funds from the sale to benefit all our members. We know that for some of our members, the activity centres are special places where you've made precious memories.

As a charity we have limited resources. The trustees made the decision to sell the activity centres so we could use those resources to support all our members. The income from the sale of our activity centres will go into a special designated fund for the benefit of all our members – girls, volunteers and units – through grants and improved experiences, to support adventure and to preserve and make accessible our artefacts and memories of guiding.

Adventure is everywhere in Girlguiding. We are committed to investing in and creating more adventure experiences that are easily accessible, affordable and inclusive for all Girlguiding members.

We continue to work hard and with care to act in the best interests and overall welfare of the organisation and all our members and to follow charity law. We want to thank you for your patience and reassure you that we’ll give an update with more information as soon as we are able.