The council

The council is a forum where membership representatives from our countries and regions can influence decisions made about Girlguiding

The role of the council.

Members of the council bring a cross-section of their own individual views, and also consult locally to bring the views of a wider group of people.

  • Membership representatives meet every year at the annual general meeting (AGM).
  • They exchange views to inform top-level policy and strategy decisions.
  • They receive an annual report from the board of trustees at the AGM on the business of the charity and how the board has overseen our strategic plan, in the past year.
  • The council appoints the patron, president and vice presidents, as and when needed.
  • Members agree on the recruitment process for the chief guide and participate in the selection and voting on the appointment of the chief guide.
  • They agree changes to the Royal Charter and byelaws.
  • The council also has an important role as a consultative body at and between meetings.

Who is on the council

Around 20 members of council are ex-officio (which means they are there because of another role). These include the chief guide, deputy chief guide, chair of the trustee board and chief commissioners.

In addition to this, 4 members are elected in each of our countries and regions to serve on the council. Members must be 14 years or older when starting their first 3 year term of office. Up to 50% of elected members should be in the 14-25 age group. British Guiding Overseas has 1 elected member.

Additionally, up to 9 members are appointed to council by the nominations and governance committee following an open application process. These members must be aged 18 or above when starting their term of office.

These opportunities are the perfect first step for members who want to have their say on the direction of Girlguiding as a charity.

Opportunities to stand for election or appointment to the council are publicised through guiding magazine, member newsletters and on our website.