Let's develop a rewarding volunteer experience

We want more flexible ways of giving your time and better support for our volunteers

We want volunteering to be flexible so it’s easier for people to give their time. So, we’re going to create opportunities that fit around people’s lives.

This will give more people the opportunity to share their talents and deliver great guiding to reach more girls and young women.

Better support for volunteers

Invest in making our digital and IT easier to use, reducing the admin burden so volunteers can spend less time on admin and more time creating great experiences for girls and young women.

Recruiting and welcoming volunteers

Make joining Girlguiding simple with quick and easy steps.

'It would help to have fewer admin tasks and make the online membership system easier to follow.'


Flexible volunteering

Develop volunteer roles that make it easier for people to support Girlguiding in sustainable ways and make the most of their time and talents. Create volunteer opportunities that make volunteering a more rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Learning for today

Develop a digital learning programme tailored for today’s Girlguiding, the world and volunteers. Teaching skills in everything from leadership to building campfires, using things like peer mentoring and qualifications to build people's confidence and let them be creative.

'I love being a volunteer with Girlguiding, but we need more volunteers to keep our unit going.'


How we're supporting this goal in 2020

  • Improving our policies, guidance and learning so that volunteers feel well supported and can use their time and talents to benefit girls.
  • Increasing our capacity to respond to member enquiries and planning longer term improvements so that everyone who contacts Girlguiding experiences great customer service.
  • Continuing to provide great services for members, including our online shop and new guiding products; all our communications to our members, like Discover Grow and our member news; support and training for volunteers on key topics like keeping members safe; and financial help for units available through our grants.

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