Ideas and inspiration

You do you!

Interest badges are all about you. You decide which badge to do, when, and most importantly, how.

Use this list for inspiration but remember you can come up with your own ideas, too!

You can bake for your Costumes badge, create a board game for your Travel badge or a news report for your Sports badge.

Push yourself. Try new things. Don’t feel limited by the obvious.

Get creative 

Draw a cartoon strip

Make a puppet

Make a board game

Embroidery, knitting, sewing or cross-stitch

Paint a mural

Create a piece of art

Craft a diorama


Make a collage

Create a scrapbook or photo album

Create a travel brochure

Create a flip book

Make jewellery

Design an advertising campaign

Make a mood board


Give a presentation

Create an episode of a reality show

Compose a rap or other song

Create a cheer relevant to the topic

Host a newscast


Create a model from soap, wood, clay, or pipe cleaners

Make a timeline of events

Conduct an experiment about the topic

Use a Venn diagram to compare a few aspects of the topic

Create a museum exhibit

Draw blueprints


Write a recipe relevant to the topic

Create a flow chart or diagram

Charts – bar charts or pie charts



Map the movement of stars, plant growth, or environmental changes


Keep a diary or journal where you are acting as a relevant person

Write or draw postcards

Make a word search or crossword puzzle

Make a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’

Write a biography or autobiography

Write a newspaper or magazine article

Create leaflets, pamphlets, or a book

Write a report

Write a postcard or letter exchange

Create a children’s story about the topic

Write a fable or myth about the topic

Create a help wanted ad and a letter/resume to answer it

Create a top ten list

Write an acrostic poem

Create a glossary of relevant terms

Write a handbook or instruction book

Write an advice column with several problems related to the topic

Create flash cards or trivia cards


Create an interactive notebook

Take photographs or make a film

Make a TV or radio commercial

Make an instructional video

Make a playlist

Make a short documentary film

Create an internet scavenger hunt

Create a video game

Get involved

Do an interview where you are acting as the relevant person

Display a gallery of objects

Hold a mock court case

Have a panel discussion of experts

Assemble a time capsule

Start or attend a book club

For more ideas, check out the Ranger record book where you can also keep track of the badges and awards you earn.