Guide programme

For girls from 10-14, the Guide programme includes lots of different badges and awards - that you can choose from!

Being a part of Guides has improved my confidence because I got to do activities and things I wouldn’t normally do and meet new people - Lauren, Guide

Guides have an exciting and varied programme designed to inspire and challenge girls from 10-14

The Guide programme is simply what you'll do as a Guide - from taking part in lots of exciting activities at regular meetings, to special events and trips away.

What you do is up to you. You will choose from different badges and awards which will help you learn new skills and try new challenges. You can do some programme independently, and in small groups known as a Patrol.

Members of Guide units are usually divided into smaller groups called Patrols, which are led by a Guide who is nominated as Patrol Leader.

The things you’ll do at Guides will cover five different areas.

  • Healthy Lifestyles – develop your mind, body and soul. It’s all about keeping healthy and happy.
  • Celebrating diversity - meet new people and get involved in things going on in your area.
  • Global Awareness – make the world a better place.
  • Discovery – have new experiences and adventures.
  • Skills and Relationships – build on your personal and life skills.

Become a Guide

Interested in becoming a Guide? Visit Join Us - our enquiry website - and register your interest to find a unit in your area.

Guide resources

To keep track of everything you're doing at Guides, your can use your very own G-File. This has space for you to make a record of all the stuff you do as a Guide, as well as giving you all the information you need on being a Guide.


One of the best things about interest badges is that there are so many that cover a huge range of topics. Want to practice your circus skills? There’s a badge for that. Want to know more about animals? There’s a badge for that too!

Go For Its!

Go For Its! (GFIs!) are activity packs designed to help you and your Patrol find out more about a specific subject.

Challenge Badges

As a Guide you'll have the opportunity to work towards a Challenge Badge every 12 months. These are extra special badges that recognise your contribution to Guides - there's four to achieve.

Get awards

There are three main awards you can get as a Guide.

Baden Powell Challenge Award - show you are a committed member of Girlguiding who has courage and dedication, and isn’t afraid of a challenge, by completing the highest award a Guide can achieve.

The Commonwealth Award - discover the history of guiding and the Commonwealth through fun and challenging activities.

Guide Camp Permit - plan and run a camp just for you and your patrol - from the menu to the activities, you can do it all your way.

After Guides

When you reach the age of 14, you'll have the opportunity to join The Senior Section and develop your leadership skills, improve your CV and maybe even try international volunteering.