World Centres

A trip to the WAGGGS World Centres is an unforgettable international guiding experience

A trip to any of the World Centres is an unforgettable international guiding experience.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) run five World Centres in London, Mexico, Switzerland, India and a moving centre across Africa. 

Each centre offers a programme of events and activities reflecting the character of the country where it’s located. Visiting is a great opportunity for girls and women from around the world to learn more about other countries and cultures. Both from each other and from their surroundings. The centres are warm and friendly places to visit for:

  • An adventurous trip with your unit
  • A unique holiday
  • An empowering regional seminar
  • A special volunteering experience

Volunteering at the World Centres

Our Cabana, Our Chalet, Sangam and Pax Lodge run volunteering programmes and internships. They are a chance to gain new skills, live abroad and experience the world centres in a completely new way. Keep an eye out on each world centre’s website for current opportunities.

Applications for volunteering usually ask for endorsement from the international commissioner. Find out how to get an endorsement on the WAGGGS page.