Supported volunteer roles

Sometimes a bit of one-to-one support can make all the difference for a disabled volunteer

We know that some adult volunteers have significant support needs, so we've created these paired roles.

We're committed to making reasonable adjustments to support disabled adult volunteers so that they have access to the same opportunities and experiences as non-disabled members and volunteers. These two new volunteer roles will support us to help all volunteers to make a contribution to Girlguiding.

Supported volunteer

A supported volunteer will be paired with an individual volunteer supporter, who will give you tailored support to help you carry out your role enjoyably and safety.

This role would be suitable for anyone who would otherwise be not be able to carry out the full responsibilities of another volunteer role, including safeguarding responsibilities, without this support. As a supported volunteer, you'll always be paired with your volunteer supporter. You will not have any responsibility for safeguarding and do not need to complete A Safe Space training.

This role will only be assigned in exceptional circumstance where it has been agreed with the Girlguiding Safe practice team.

Download the supported volunteer role description

Individual volunteer supporter

An individual volunteer supporter will always work with a supported volunteer. You'll carry out your regular volunteering role, and give individual support to another volunteer. You'll help by making adjustments at meetings and events that mean the supported volunteer can carry out their role safely and enjoyably. You must be part of the same unit as the volunteer you support, and will need to have completed A Safe Space Level 3. 

Download the individual volunteer supporter role description

If you need these roles in your unit

If you believe you know someone who would benefit from these roles, work with them to complete the assessment form and email it to [email protected].

When you're filling out the form, remember to involve the volunteer as much as you can. They need to know about any possible changes to their role in guiding. 

Before completing this form, we recommend you complete an adjustment plan together. This can help answer some of the questions in the assessment form.

Make sure you've read through both role descriptions before filling out the form.

Once you've submitted the form, the inclusion team will work to help you find the most suitable solution. They might need to ask you some questions or see if other adjustments might work better.

This role cannot be applied to a volunteers GO record locally. You must follow this process and contact our inclusion team. Once this has happened and it's been decided that the role is suitable, then our Compliance team will apply this to the right GO record.

If you have any questions about these role, contact [email protected]