Starting a new unit

An overview of what you need to do to start a new Girlguiding unit

Setting up a new unit – or reopening an inactive one – is an exciting challenge

Whether you are relatively new to guiding or have years of experience as a Leader, we have brought together advice, information and practical help to get your new unit up and running quickly.

What you'll need to do

When you start a new unit, you must follow our policy and procedure to ensure that everyone involved is safe and feels supported. This doesn't have to be daunting. Follow these steps to make sure you cover everything you need to do before you open your doors.

  1. Establish a need - before you start any planning, get to know the needs of your local area. Make sure this knowledge informs your decisions.
  2. Chat to your local commissioner - they will tell you about the process of setting up a new unit including the formal requirements.
  3. Recruit your helpers - if you do not already know who will be running the unit, you will need to put together your team in discussion with your commissioner.
  4. Find a venue - then decide on a day and time for your meetings.
  5. Register on GO - your local commissioner must do this to get you on your way.
  6. Think about finances and raise funds - estimate how much it will cost to start up the unit and to keep it going. You might want to think about a grant or fundraising to support you.
  7. Plan your resources - think about what you'll need to get your unit off the ground.
  8. Prepare your initial meeting plans - work out what you will be doing with girls in the first few weeks.

Now you’re ready for your first meeting!