Colours and fonts

Learn how to use Girlguiding's fonts and colours when compiling your next resource

Here's all you need to know about replicating our fonts and colours on your resources

The colours and fonts you use when creating resources for guiding should be consistent with our brand identity.

Our fonts

Girlguiding uses a number of fonts across its publications.

  • Main typeface - Trebuchet is to be used for the creation of all logos, printed materials and digital communications. Trebuchet is a standard font available in all Microsoft applications. It is acceptable to use Trebuchet in all styles - plain, bold and italic.
  • Alternative typeface - if you're looking for an alternative font to vary a design or publication, you can use Frutiger. Frutiger is not a standard font and is not available in Microsoft applications. You will need to purchase it to use in design applications such as InDesign and Quark.

Our colours

There are three elements that make up Girlguiding's main colour palette - Our primary palate, secondary palate and our tints.

  • The main Girlguiding colour palette is blue, raspberry, black and white. This colour palette should be used on any resources that are about guiding more generally, rather than a specific section.
  • Our secondary colour palette contains a wider variety of colours, to help your materials look bright, fresh and exciting - while still being on-brand.

Explaining colour codes

Next to each colour above, you will see a series of codes. These codes can be entered into software (or written into websites) to produce the colour you want - but you'll need to use a different one depending on what kind of resource you're creating.

  • CYMK - this stands for cyan, yellow, magenta and key (black), the ink colours used in standard 'four colour process' printing. When creating a design which will be printed, you need to use this code to make sure your colour looks right on the page.
  • RGB - this stands for red, green, blue. You need to use this colour code when creating designs that will be seen on-screen such as social media or websites. 

Recreating our colours in Microsoft programmes

Want to use the Girlguiding colour palette in Word or PowerPoint? Follow the below instructions - you'll need to use the RGB codes above.

  1. At the top of the document, select the 'Home' tab.
  2. Click the arrow next to the A symbol - this should show a host of colour options in a box.
  3. Select 'More colours' - this will open a new window.
  4. Click on the 'Custom' tab, enter the RGB code you want into the boxes and click OK.
  5. Your chosen colour will now be applied to anything you write. If you need to use it at a later date, simply click the 'A' in the top 'Home' panel again and it will be listed under 'Recent colours'.

When developing resources that focus on a specific section, you need to use that section's colour palette. For a full list of our colours and tints for each section read the Girlguiding identity guidelines.

Need more information?

For more detailed information on how to use our brand, download the full Girlguiding identity guidelines