Brand your documents and presentations

Our handy templates help you to create on-brand PowerPoint presentations, letterheads and compliment slips that are simple to use

We've developed a set of templates to help you create branded presentations and correspondence

These templates help to ensure that you can quickly create branded materials to be used locally. To create other print-ready items including stationery, promotional materials and banners, visit our online design centre.

Create a Girlguiding-branded presentation

Whether you're delivering training, sharing information or celebrating local achievements, our PowerPoint template allows you to quickly create a presentation for your local area or a specific section. Simply follow these four steps.

  1. Download our branded PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Create a local logo in jpeg format via our online design centre
  3. Position your local logo on top of the placeholder Girlguiding logo (you'll need to use a version of your logo that points top-left).
  4. Complete your presentation with text and images of your choice. View our guidance on writing for Girlguiding and using images and video to make sure your presentation is on message and looks great!

We have made a large selection of images and illustrations available via our online design centre. Why not use these to help your presentation stand out?

Create a letterhead or compliment slip

If you're writing letters to parents, sending a quick thank you note, or applying for funding from a local company, you can use our branded stationary. Our stationery templates can be edited in Microsoft Word and personalised for your area. Follow these tips for creating branded letterheads and compliment slips.

  1. Download our branded letterhead template or compliment slip.
  2. Create a local logo in jpeg format via the online design centre.
  3. Replace the placeholder Girlguiding logo with your local logo. When re-sizing the logo ensure that the logo stays in proportion and doesn't become stretched or distorted. Use the drag-able boxes in each corner of the image to ensure that the logo is re-sized correctly.
  4. Localise address details, addressee details and registered charity details and add any role holders to the items as required.