Delivering training

From how to write a training plan, to evaluating your sessions - here's everything you need know about facilitating learning

Find all the resources you need to deliver great training here!

Whether you're a new trainer or leading a team, we provide lots of resources to sharpen your skills and get participants fully involved with learning and development.


Training covers everything you need to know about training at Girlguiding. You can download the whole manual, or select a chapter that's relevant to your needs.

  • Chapter 1 - Training and Girlguiding - how does training work at Girlguiding - and how do you, as a Trainer, fit into our organisation? Understand more about the policies and process that affect you and where you can go for support.
  • Chapter 2 - Learning  - understanding how adults learn is key to your success as a Trainer. Find out how to identify and respond to different learning styles and explore the theories that underpin the practice.
  • Chapter 3 - Planning and designing a training session  - this chapter covers everything you need to know about organising training, from deciding on your aims and objectives to the practicalities of event management. See an example of a training plan and what aids might help you best engage participants.
  • Chapter 4 - Training methods - energisers, brainstorms and fishbowl discussions - explore a range of training methods and learn when to use them.
  • Chapter 5 - Delivering learning - learn how to create a proactive, learner-centered environment on the day, and respond to various barriers and challenges you might encounter with participants.
  • Chapter 6 - Evaluation - it's vital to evaluate your training to make sure you are giving participants the best learning experience possible. See how best to collect feedback and turn it into key actions.
  • Chapter 7 - What's next? - once you've got some experience under your belt, discover what other training opportunities are available to expand your skills further.
  • Appendix - Policy and good practice - this appendix explains the Girlguiding policies you need to stick to when training, and how to implement them in your work.

Guidance for trainer support groups

As well as our suggested core agenda for trainer support groups ,our Trainers' Talk series is designed to provide a framework for groups to discuss key issues in learning and development. Each document below contains discussion questions and activities for you to use - and topics have been suggested by trainers themselves!

  • Trainers' Talk: Non-directive training methods - many methods can be used to deliver training, and are broadly divided into two approaches: directive and non-directive. This Trainers' Talk explains the difference between the two and how you can incorporate both styles in your training sessions.
  • Trainers' Talk: Honest conversations - this Talk is designed to encourage discussion about the difficult conversations you may need to have in training sessions. Use the examples here to create an environment where participants feel comfortable expressing themselves, and allows them to create clear, positive actions from concerns.