Becoming a Mentor

If you have a Girlguiding qualification, you can pass on your expertise through mentoring

Want to share your guiding knowledge with other volunteers? Why not become a mentor?

Guiding needs mentors to support other members through many different qualifications.

Who can become a mentor?

A mentor does not need to be a fountain of all knowledge - just a friendly face who has achieved a Girlguiding qualification and would like to help others do the same!

Here are some examples of how you might be able to help.

  • If you're a leader - other leaders need support to complete their leadership qualification. Could you help them by talking through how you achieved yours?
  • If you hold an outdoor qualification - anyone working towards an outdoor qualification will be supported by a mentor. Could you help show them the ropes?
  • If you're a commissioner - commissioners who are starting our induction programme need the support of another commissioner. Could you share your experience and explain how you've managed different challenges during your role?

How much will it cost?

Being a mentor will cost you nothing except your time. Expenses will be paid at a local level for meetings and other visits, and for your training.

What training will I receive?

Our mentoring e-learning covers the skills and knowledge you'll need to become a mentor - including needs assessment, communication and relationship-building.

Your commissioner will then be able to tell you what local training is available. Whatever scheme you want to mentor in, you will be supported by a local coordinator or adviser who has relevant knowledge and expertise.

How do I become a mentor?

This depends on the scheme you wish to be a mentor for.

  • Leadership qualification - tell your local Ccommissioner and she will put your name forward. Alternatively, contact the leadership qualification coordinator in your local area. Find out more about being an LQ mentor
  • Outdoor qualifications - contact your local outdoor activities adviser.
  • Commissioners - talk to your county commissioner – she will tell you how to get involved in your county.