Our Educational Framework

We help girls to reach their full potential by promoting six areas of girls' and young women's development

The Educational Framework helps girls to develop skills and competencies through their guiding experiences

We believe learning is a lifelong process and that the Girlguiding programme can be an important, non-formal part of girls' development.

The Educational Framework sets out objectives for girls across sections in six areas of development. Use it as you plan your programme to make sure that girls experience the right balance of activities and challenges to learn and develop in a holistic way.

As you plan and run activities covering different areas of the framework, you should also use the Five Essentials which will help you fulfill these objectives.

  • Spiritual development - girls develop their spiritual identity while understanding and respecting the spiritual choices of others.
  • Social development - girls learn to take responsibility for themselves and others, become reliable team members and confident leaders.
  • Emotional development - through fun and friendship, girls develop their self-esteem and gain self-confidence, building respect for themselves and each other.
  • Physical development - girls develop their mental, physical and emotional well-being through a range of active experiences.
  • Moral development - girls develop their understanding of what is right and wrong, and develop their sense of conduct.
  • Intellectual development - through the activities and challenges they experience, girls become adept at processing information, making decisions and self-reflection.

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