How much it costs

We work to make guiding affordable for all girls and there's help at hand if you can't meet the costs

Girlguiding charges membership fees to cover the costs of regular meetings and running our charity.

There are sometimes extra charges for special activities, camps and events.

Our membership fees are called subscriptions, or subs. They allow us to offer brilliant opportunities and experiences to your daughter and hundreds of thousands of girls and young women across the UK.

Subs vary from area to area, so ask your local unit how much subs are and when they need to be paid.

Find out about local costs

To find out about the cost of subs in your area, register your daughter's interest online. Someone from your chosen unit will get in touch and they can explain to you about local costs.

Register your daughter


Subscriptions, or 'subs', cover the costs of equipment, activities and hiring the meeting place. These can be paid weekly, monthly or each term. There is also an annual subscription paid by all members that covers the day-to-day running of the charity and your local guiding area. This is sometimes included in subs.

There is usually an extra charge for special activities, days out, residential events and holidays. We are proud to offer a huge range of great value opportunities for girls to try new things.

Costs of our uniform

Girls can choose to wear Girlguiding uniform to meetings however no girl is excluded because she does not have the right clothing. In some areas, you can borrow or buy second-hand uniforms. Ask your unit leader for details.

How we can help with costs

We don't want girls to miss out on guiding for any reason. If you’re concerned about any of these costs preventing your daughter from taking part, please speak to your unit leader. She can tell you about ways we can help, including our grants.

Gift Aid

If you pay income tax, leaders can use Gift Aid to claim back the tax paid at basic rate. This means guiding gets an extra 25p for every £1 you give in subs or donations. Ask your unit leader to find out more.