DePuy Synthes

Did you know the ice cream maker, the first solar-powered house and stem-cell isolation were all invented by women?

Our Girls’ Attitude Survey found that 48% of girls and young women aged 11-21 want more representation of women in science and technology.

We're working with DePuy Synthes to inspire the next generation of inventors and engineers to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

We can't wait to see what amazing inventions the next generations of scientists, engineers and inventors will develop.

How we work together

To celebrate women in engineering day on 23 June we are launching a partnership working together to inspire the next generation of engineers and innovators. DePuy Synthes sponsors the Inventing interest badge for Brownies and will be joining us at Twisted Tech in April with amazing activities.

To earn the Inventing badge girls will challenge themselves to learn about female inventors and think about what they could build to help solve a problem in their everyday life.

About DePuy Synthes

Since 1895 DePuy Synthes have been manufacturing and innovating medical equipment. Women have always been at the forefront of the business and today 50% of graduates joining DePuy Synthes’ team are women.

Engineers at DePuy Synthes work to deliver increasingly efficient hip and knee replacements and surgical equipment to support patients and medical staff. We look forward to sharing some of their interesting journeys throughout our partnership.