Roles working with volunteers

Opportunities to work with other volunteers as you shape and improve local guiding

Support volunteers in your area to develop their skills and deliver great guiding

Use your skills and expertise to improve the guiding experience for all our members.

These roles are suited to volunteers with previous experience of guiding.


In this role, you'll be responsible for and accountable to the whole membership of your county, district or division, and for ensuring the delivery of quality guiding. This is a big responsibility and also a brilliant opportunity to have a real impact. As commissioner, you'll provide inspirational leadership to your local team as you work together to create exciting opportunities for girls and young women. Of course, you'll also have lots of fun as you get to know the volunteers you support.

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Assistant commissioner

You'll be working side-by-side with your commissioner to lead change and to improve guiding in your area. This a chance to work with some fantastic people to provide opportunities to both girls and adults. You'll gain experience of how your guiding area runs and provide essential support to the county, district or division.

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County commissioner

Becoming a county commissioner is a fantastic opportunity to influence guiding in your area and create real change that improves opportunities for girls and young women. You'll be responsible for and accountable to the whole membership of the county.

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An adviser is a specialist in an aspect of the guiding programme or a specific activity. Your role will be to share information about your specialism with other guiding members. It's up to you to make sure that everyone who needs to know something knows it!

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As coordinator you'll be a designated point of contact for an element of the guiding programme, such as communications or an event. This role is perfect for someone who can make sure that what needs to get done gets done!

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Inclusion adviser

What a feel-good role! This is all about giving people great opportunities. As a local inclusion adviser you’ll help give more girls and volunteers access to development, challenge and adventure.

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Section adviser

As an expert on part of the Girlguiding programme, you'll answer queries on a particular section or activity. You'll also share your experience and knowledge with fellow volunteers.

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Outdoor activities adviser

If you're passionate about getting girls outdoors, then we need you as an outdoor activities adviser. You'll support and train fellow volunteers in the practical and logistical ways they can give girls more opportunities for adventure.

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Country/region international adviser

Within a network of other advisers, you'll work together to promote international opportunities to leaders and young members, and highlight the benefits that our unique worldwide organisation offers.

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County international adviser

You'll support leaders in your county to offer exciting international opportunities to young members. As adviser, you'll provide practical support to members as they get involved in international guiding.

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Inspire county coordinator

Inspire county coordinators develop Girlguiding Inspire in their area, for members aged 18 to 30, making sure they feel supported, take part in opportunities and be empowered. You’ll work with your country and region coordinator and a network of county coordinators to shape and develop Girlguiding Inspire.

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Inspire country and region coordinator

An Inspire country and region coordinator supports Girlguiding volunteers to shape Girlguiding Inspire for young adult members. You’ll work with county coordinators to help make sure there’s on-the-ground support to empower young women aged between 18 and 30 as Girlguiding Inspire grows.

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You'll offer new volunteers a warm welcome to Girlguiding. You'll be a friendly face and answer any questions a new volunteer might have and provide ongoing, informal support and guidance as required.

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