Admin support roles

Make sure things get done in your area. These behind-the-scenes roles provide essential support for local guiding

From accounts to keeping parents up-to-date, admin roles are at the heart of guiding

Share your professional skills and work as part of team of volunteers who are dedicated to keeping things running in your area.

These roles are suited to volunteers with previous experience of guiding.


Make an important contribution to the smooth running of your local unit, district, division or county team as administrator.

Administrator role description.


This is a role for people who get things done. When you volunteer as secretary, you'll use your communication and organisational skills to support volunteers, parents and girls.

Secretary role description.


Use your excellent financial and organisational skills to make sure there is enough money to keep guiding happening in your area.

Treasurer role description.

District assistant

Put your excellent organisational skills to good use as a district assistant. You'll provide administrative support to your local guiding district team and district commissioner.

District Assistant role description.

Volunteer shop manager

Run a volunteer shop selling clothes and equipment for guiding. This role is a chance to meet some wonderful girls, volunteers and parents and to raise money for your area.

Volunteer shop manager role description.