Families on residentials

Sometimes volunteers might need to bring their children on camp - here's what you need to do

Volunteers' family members can attend residential events

However, this should be at at the discretion of the local commissioner and the appropriate adviser. They will consider the total number of family members, the age and gender of any children, and the effect they could have on the event.

As well as the information requested on the residential event notification form and health information form, you will need to supply the following details about family members:

  • Relationship to the volunteer
  • Age of children/young people
  • Gender
  • Any appropriate experience.

Children of volunteers

If children of volunteers attend activities or events outside the unit meeting place, the adult to child ratios for residentials still apply, but you will need to assign different adults to supervise the children of volunteers.

For example, if you have 10 Brownies, according to the section ratio of 1:6 you would need two adult volunteers. Then if you have two other additional children, you would need another adult for them. Where there are several children of different ages present, the adult to child ratio for the youngest will apply.

  • All children of volunteers must be included on the risk assessment for the activity/event.
  • Parental consent, using an information and consent for event/activity form, must be gained for each child.
  • Children of volunteers who are aged between 10 and 14 cannot be present at the activity/event in a helping capacity and must be supervised in the ratio above.

Family camps

If you're running a family camp, many of the same regulations apply as for all other forms of residential.

  • All family members and volunteers aged 18 or over who are staying overnight at a residential event must have completed the recruitment and vetting process.
  • Non-member volunteers should be assigned the role of district/division/county helper on GO and undertake a criminal records check. Find out more in our recruitment and vetting procedures.