Finance and Property policy: Charity trustees and the trustees of charities

The role of charity trustees in Girlguiding

The responsibility for managing a charity falls upon the charity trustees

In guiding, the charity trustees of a unit or area are typically:

  • the voting members of a County or Country/Region Executive Committee
  • the members of a Division or District Committee
  • the Leader and any Assistant Leader(s) of a unit. 

If a Unit Leader has general control and management of the administration of a unit (including the unit funds) and complies with Girlguiding procedures then she is in fact fulfilling her obligations as a charity trustee.

Under the Charities Act 2011, anyone who has been made bankrupt or has entered into a formal arrangement with creditors may not act as a charity trustee until discharged, unless the Charity Commission grants a waiver.

Published: February 2019

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