Supporting leaders to run events

Commissioners' role in supporting and approving residential events

What does a commissioner do with a residential event notification form?

Leaders send completed residential event notification forms to their commissioner to get approval for residential events. Commissioners are then responsible for providing support to event coordinators and giving approval for the event to proceed.

Who else to involve

Approval for the event can only be given by the commissioner, but she must forward the form to all relevant advisers to gain specialist advice, such as the residential adviser, outdoor activities adviser or international adviser, in order to feel confident that the event has been planned effectively. She will put their names on the form.

If the event is taking place outside the leader’s county, the commissioner should forward the REN form to the relevant adviser for the area to be visited. A county GO user can provide you with the relevant contact details.

See the REN process diagram for more information.

What commissioners need to check when they get a REN form

Which commissioner?

A leader must send the REN form to the appropriate commissioner for the size of the event. However, a commissioner cannot approve an event she is involved in herself so the REN must go to the next level commissioner.

For example, for a division event, the REN should be sent to the division commissioner. However, if she is involved in the event, it should be sent to the county commissioner.

What happens next?

When the commissioner is happy that the residential can go ahead, she can sign the form electronically and send it back to the leader to confirm.

If there are changes to the event after the REN form has been approved - for example, number of participants - the leader should advise the commissioner of these changes.

The form should be kept for one year after the event took place.