1st Response GO report commissioners.pdf

This report details the active units which don't have at least one leader, assistant leader or leader-in-training who holds a valid First Aid certificate or equivalent.

Download (PDF, 279KB)

Adjustment plans checklist for commissioners.pdf

The adjustment plan guidance asks that local commissioners sign off plans to consider the health and safety implications and costs of making adjustments. This checklist is for a commissioner when reviewing an adjustment plan.

Download (PDF, 104KB)

Commissioners responsibilities for unit accounts.pdf

As a commissioner you are responsible for ensuring that each unit in your area has its accounts independently reviewed (by someone outside the unit) once a year. This guidance explains your role and how to support unit leaders.

Download (PDF, 174KB)

Commissioner guidance - child welfare requests and court proceedings.pdf

How to support any volunteer who's been approached about child welfare issues or court proceedings.

Download (PDF, 178KB)

Conducting six month review for Commissioners.pdf

Guidance for conducting a commissioner designate's six-month review

Download (PDF, 123KB)

Disclosure rechecking essential Information for commissioners.pdf

The most important things you need to be aware of and think about when getting ready to do criminal record recheck on an existing Girlguiding volunteer.

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GO quick start guide district and division commissioners.pdf

How to get started on GO as a district or division commissioner

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Guidance for county commissioners appointing district and division commissioners.pdf

How to appoint district and division commissioners - or delegate the task - if you're a county commissioner.

Download (PDF, 246KB)

Process of appointing district and division commissioners.pdf

A flowchart explaining the steps a county commissioner needs to follow to appoint division and district commissioners.

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Working with advisers and coordinators.pdf

This resource provides some practical guidance on how you can determine the role you wish your adviser/coordinator to fulfil and how to find and support the right person for the role.

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Supporting leaders in training - info for coordinators.pdf

Guidance for Leadership qualification coordinators on supporting leaders in training

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