Student volunteering

Whatever time you have to give, student volunteering is highly rewarding - and can give your CV a real edge

Fantastic and flexible volunteering for students at school, college or university

Volunteer with us as student and you’ll gain skills for your future while having the adventure of a lifetime. And because we’re the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK, you should find plenty of fun and flexible ways to get involved near you.

Volunteer and make a difference

Work with young people, gain voluntary experience and develop skills from first aid to fundraising. It’s time to get involved with Girlguiding

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Why volunteer?

Giving some time at a local Girlguiding group is a great way to really get to know the new community you live in – outside the student bubble! It’s also really helped me to prioritise and manage my time – great transferable life skills going forward - Isla, volunteer

Guiding can enhance your student experience and help you build a host of highly transferable skills. It's all about...

  • Fun - deadlines, coursework and early-morning lectures - university can be tough sometimes! Guiding can give you the space to let off steam when work mounts up - whether that's through once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like GOLD or just the mess and mayhem of weekly unit meetings.
  • Friendship - moving away to a new place can be scary. But guiding can offer you a support network outside of university. Many of our volunteers make life-long friends through guiding, and those who travel far away to go to university can guarantee a warm welcome from their local guiding group.
  • Flexibility - many students involved in guiding plan their unit meetings on a termly basis - meaning you don't need to worry about guiding getting in the way of your schedule. There are also many volunteer roles that operate on a casual basis.
  • Future - volunteering at Girlguiding offers a highly enjoyable way of enhancing your employability outside of ordinary work experience. You could even volunteer in a specialist role - such as a photographer or event planner - to give you valuable experience in your chosen career.

What roles can I do?

You can join us in a leadership role or in one of the supporting roles that make our charity tick.

The benefits of volunteering

I've got the most packed CV ever - there are so many opportunities for leadership, to organise projects on a large scale, be part of something bigger - Lucy, Brownie Leader

There's no doubt that volunteering at Girlguiding will enhance your CV. Here are some of the valuable skills you could gain as part of our charity.

  • Teamwork - whether you're planning meetings with your fellow volunteers, or collaborating on a community project, guiding offers numerous chances to work effectively as a team.
  • Leadership - developing leadership skills is integral to many of our volunteering roles, especially those responsible for coordinating local guiding.
  • Organisation - planning a trip abroad, or simply a weekly meeting - it all counts.
  • Motivation. Gaining any award or qualification in guiding - from our Leadership qualification to our safeguarding training - shows that you are reliable, dedicated and can work independently.
  • Communication - if you’re making contact with parents, Commissioners, young members, external contacts – anyone – then you’re demonstrating excellent communication skills.

That’s not to mention the more specific skills that different roles within guiding can give you. You could become a Public Relations Adviser, giving support to units in your area and gaining on-the-job experience of working with the media. Or perhaps you might fancy training other volunteers - a fantastic way to prepare for a career in learning and development.

Whoever you want to be, guiding can support you to achieve your full potential.