How parents opened our new unit

Parents like Sara opened the first Girlguiding unit in Lowick for 20 years

I started volunteering as my daughter, Charlotte, has always wanted to be a Brownie. So when I saw the call for volunteers in the school newsletter, I thought 'why not?'.

The 1st Lowick Brownie unit opened in June 2015 and is the first guiding group in the village in over 20 years.

Lowick is a small, isolated village with a school population of just over 40 children. The school is linked to Holy Island, which is a tidal community cut off from the mainland for several hours every day.

Brownies broadens the girls' horizons

There is so little for the girls to do locally that I think it's really important for them to have a group like this. Sometimes girls in rural areas like Lowick only have a handful of children their age nearby so being part of Brownies means they get to meet many different girls away from their school friends and it definitely broadens their horizons.

A positive response

The local response has been really positive! The parents have been great too, offering to help out. Since, we've also chosen to open a Rainbow group for younger girls!

I'm a stay-at-home mum so my time is quite flexible which helps. At first, I was a bit nervous about running my own unit but with lots of help from the other volunteers I'm finding my feet.

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