Our Brownies loved Roller Skiing

Leader Elizabeth tells us how the 1st Auchterless Brownies love trying activities that are a bit different

Most of the Brownies didn't know what roller skiing was, but they're always ready to try something new.

In our Brownie unit, we try to have new experiences, often using items we have to hand in different and creative ways. For example, we used ten newspapers and a few rolls of tape to turn our Brownie home into the space station. We make it the perfect venue for whatever the Leaders and girls dream up, or for opportunities that delightfully and unexpectedly bounce our way.

All the Brownies wanted to try it

As a cross-country ski instructor, I was delivering a pilot project of roller skiing to primary schools in the local area, and I wondered if the Brownies might like to give it a go. I asked and received a resounding yes!

I knew that the grass pitch, tarmac playing field and games hall were all potentially useful areas and we sorted out who could bring cycling helmets and gloves. Most of the Brownies didn't know what roller skiing was, but they're always ready to try something new.

Starting on grass

The girls started off on grass to get used to the boots and roller skis - falling over and getting up where it was softer. Naturally, all the Leaders and parent helpers put skis on too. Fantastic!

Getting your balance was tricky at first, but doing sport is fun and helps you keep fit. - Alex, 8

Moving onto tarmac

Everyone then progressed to using one ski on tarmac, scooting across the playground, gaining balance and propelling themselves forward.

They were getting on really well so everyone progressed to putting a ski on each foot. The Brownies attempted to ski up a small tarmac hill which was a challenge, but they quickly discovered that coming down the hill was worth all the effort expended on the way up.

It didn't take long to get the hang of it - it was actually quite easy on tarmac. And it was really fun when we rolled down the hill! I’d love to try more winter sports - I gained confidence by trying something new. - Tilly, 9

Into the gym!

We finished off in the super smooth gym hall, which the Brownies took to like ducks to water, travelling at speed in all directions with broad grins – super fun and a clear display of the skills and confidence acquired. 

The best things were trying to go backwards and zooming round the hall. - Zara, 7

Can we do roller skiing again? - Reagan, 7

Try a new activity

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