My overseas adventure taught me about being a leader

Sophie, Assistant County International Adviser and Assistant Unit Leader 1st Hoddesdon Rainbows, learned about leadership in Aruba

My trip to Aruba taught me that I'm able to lead in new situations.

Sophie was hesitant when she applied for her first leadership role. Now she's working with guide associations around the world

‘I didn’t have the chance to be involved in guiding when I was younger, and was a bit envious of my friends who were. Then, four years ago, while working for a housing association, I was asked to present a donation to the 1st Hoddesdon Rainbows.

All those feelings of wanting to be a part of it came back.

‘I was a little hesitant to apply for a leadership role, as I didn’t have guiding experience. But I plucked up the courage and thankfully they were happy to have me!

I love being an Assistant Leader, and each week our Unit Leader and the girls inspire me more and more.

‘When the opportunity to apply for GOLD 2016 (Guiding Overseas Linked with Development) came up, I jumped at the chance to work with other guide associations around the world. My group went to Aruba – it was amazing, we were even on their national TV!

It taught me that I’m able to lead in new situations.

'My confidence was boosted and I felt I had the leadership skills needed for the role of Assistant County International Adviser.

‘It’s easy to think you can’t squeeze any more into your life. But I’ve found that, once you volunteer, you see that you gain more than you give. You also see how much difference just an hour or two a week can make.’

Sophie's story and photos of her visit to our Foxlease Activity Centre appear in the leadership issue of guiding magazine.

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