My daughter loves Rainbows

Jo, a Rainbow Leader in Didsbury, has seen for herself the difference that guiding can make for girls, especially her daughter Nancy

My daughter Nancy, who has Asperger's syndrome, has been a Rainbow for over a year and she loves it, especially as many special schools and autism youth groups are boy-dominated.

Rainbows gives Nancy something shared to discuss with friends at school. It's also good for her to see girls doing all sorts of activities because boys commenting on her doing things that aren't stereotypically girly can upset her. The sleepovers are especially amazing!

It's not just Nancy who benefits

She loves the structure of the evening, the way girls choose what activities to do, and the reward of a badge (which she proudly wears) for trying new things. And it's not just Nancy who benefits. She's very honest and always chooses what she wants, not what the crowd wants, which gives other girls the confidence to do the same.

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