I won't let anything stop me becoming a Leader

Her learning disability meant Lonie, member of Rangers, wasn't sure she could do it, but with support she's soon to become a leader!

It's taken me longer than I planned to work on my Leadership Qualification, but I'm still doing it!

I have a mild disability so I need support to do certain things. I've had a lot help from my former Brownie Leader, Hannah, who is my role model. I've learned from the best.

Guiding is an extended family to me

My guiding groups are like family to me because they always encourage me to carry on and keep pushing through, no matter how difficult something is.

My ambition is to become a journalist. I'm doing my best to achieve this, including double Media Studies at college. We're doing coursework on community recording and art video making, and I've done work experience with the Digital team at Girlguiding.

Joining Girlguiding is the best thing I've ever done, because they're the greatest extended family ever.

Have a go at being a Leader

There's lots of practical support and encouragement to help you achieve your goal.