I've made good friends at Guides

For Amy, 13, 7th Culcheth Guides is a safe space where she can spend time with her friends

At Guides you tend to get along with everyone - it's like you can relax a bit.

It’s nice to have a set of friends from school and a set from Guides. You see your school friends every day so sometimes you’ll have nothing to say, but with Guides you’ve got loads to talk about, like what’s gone on through the week, because you haven’t seen them in a while. You can talk about how it’s going in school and how they’re doing.

There aren't issues at Guides

You can get bullied at school and put under pressure by teachers to do things, like you have to get your work done by a certain time, but you don’t tend to have issues at Guides.

You can also socialise with different people from different schools. At school, as soon as you get to know everyone in the first year, you see the same people every year, so it’s nice to come here and socialise with people who don’t come to your school.

You get along with everyone

At Guides you tend to get along with everyone - it’s like you can relax a bit.

Join Guides

Joining Guides is great way to make new friends, just like Amy did, take on new challenges and have a great time.