I love being a Brownie leader

Leader Fran tells us about the opportunities that Brownies has opened up for her - and her girls

I love that guiding gives young people a space to be themselves and discover new things. The biggest thing it has done for me is increased my confidence.

I joined Girlguiding as a Brownie, because I was after something fun to do with my friends. As a Brownie, I had seen the amount of joy that the Leaders could give us, and a whole new range of opportunities that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. 10 years later, I found myself as a Brownie Leader and I’ve never looked back!

How the girls choose their activities

At the start of each term, we sit down with the Brownies and they decide what they would like to over the next few months. Over the last year, the group have chosen to go swimming, find out about politics through the Girls Matter resource and, during the summer, some of the girls are even going on a District trip to Austria!

When the Brownies chose to do Girls Matter, they were able to learn a little about the history of politics and even held a debate to try and pass their own law! It made me realise how much they had taken in and understood, when one of the girls said ‘I think nobody should ever be homeless’, and another of the girls piped up, ‘but how will we pay for it? Taxes will have to go up!’

A space for girls

I love the way that guiding gives young people a space to be themselves and discover new things. Girlguiding has opened the door to so many opportunities for me as well, from becoming a Peer Educator, to going on a Region trip to volunteer in Haiti.

The biggest thing it has done for me, however, is increased my confidence. When I was a Unit Leader in my university town, it was a fantastic way to make myself get involved in a new community and even led to getting my first time job as one of the parent helpers took me under her wing!

Make a difference as a volunteer

Whether you were in Brownies when you were young too, or you're new to guiding - we'd love you to come and join us.