An easy way to fundraise

Learn all about how one unit raised funds

17 January 2022

It’s almost time to pay for your unit’s subscription and you might be worried about covering the cost.

We spoke to Liz Southern, a leader at Urmston Rangers, about how she fundraised last year using Easyfundraising to pay for their subs.     

Why did you decide to fundraise?

During the pandemic I was aware that our income was less than usual. Even though we continued to meet virtually, we gave the option to families to pay half the usual monthly cost, so initially lost some of our usual income. I wanted to ensure that we had enough funds to cover our usual running costs and afford the upcoming annual subscriptions, as that is always something we have covered from unit funds.

How did you fundraise?

Easyfundraising has always been something that we've done as a unit, but we decided to 'up our game', as online spending was something many of us were doing anyway. We didn't have to do anything radical, apart from ensuring as many leaders, friends, parents, and our Rangers were signed up for the scheme and that they knew how to use it.

It was just a case of plugging it to parents and Rangers via our WhatsApp groups and making them aware of special events, for example during Black Friday weekend, when donations are increased.  We discussed it during one of our Ranger's meetings to get the girls on board and some of them signed up using a special referral code which also earned us money.

How has Easyfundraising helped your unit?

Because of our extra efforts during November when people were doing online Christmas shopping, we earned over £100 in donations. Then we won the Easyfundraising Christmas competition for Girlguiding North West England which earned us £100 as well! This money, together with our claim for Gift Aid will covered our annual subscriptions.

Do you have any top tips?

By far the easiest way to earn money via Easyfundraising is by using one of their linked comparison websites, for example ca or house insurance, a new phone contract or switching a utility service.  Many of these websites offer a flat fee of around £15 if you make your purchase via their site, so all you need is a few people looking for a better gas or electricity provider or some new car insurance and the funds soon roll in!

How to set up Easyfundraising

Join Easyfundraising by making an account, which is free. There are a few options but to set up your unit as a cause you’ll need click on ‘Register your cause’ and follow the steps to create your account.

Once you’ve set up your unit as a cause, tell parents, friends and leaders to buy thing through Easyfundraising by setting up an account and choosing to support your unit. Shop as normal, there are more than 4,200 retailers partnered with the website but start your shopping journey first at or buy things through Easyfundraising’s app. There’s also a web browser extension called Donation Reminder which tells people when a donation is available.

Once someone makes a purchase, the retail partners will make a small donation to your chosen cause.

There’s lots of extra information available on Easyfundraising if you, or anyone supporting your unit, gets stuck.