More Brownie Adventures

The final step in the Brownie journey is about more responsibility, more challenge and more fun

I like doing things outside because we get to learn about our environment and how to care for it. - Jessica, 10

As Brownies get older, girls have More Adventures and bring together everything they have learned

More Adventures is the final step for a girl to take as a Brownie, following their Adventure and Adventure On badges. For the last part of their journey through Brownies, girls take on more responsibility and they are given the chance to have even bigger adventures.

For older Brownies

As older girls in their unit, girls are empowered to make decisions about the activities they do for More Adventure - both independently and as part of a team. As they follow the badge, they are supported to become more confident in expressing their views and opinions. They are shown how to use their voice to make a positive difference in their communities.

As part of More Adventure, girls get up to a range of new exciting adventures, from growing their own exotic fruits, using their own ideas to fundraise for a local charity or even building their first fire at camp. They will help to look after younger girls who are new to Brownies, as they think about their move up to Guides.

A girl can start with Adventure On or More Adventures if they are eight or nine when they join Brownies.

Working towards More Adventures

To get their More Adventures badge, girls need to:

  • continue to explore the Promise, and help a new Brownie understand it too
  • do at least one interest badge
  • go on an adventure away from the meeting place and help other Brownies on the trip
  • complete Brownies Go For It!
  • take part in three new You activities to learn about themselves
  • take part in three new Community activities to find out about where they live
  • take part in three new World activities to discover the wider world
  • help plan an activity at Brownies.

As girls work through each section of the More Adventures badge, they can try the activities in any order they like. They can do more of something they enjoy - or look for something that challenges them.

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How to get started

The Brownie Adventures book guides girls through More Adventures with ideas for activities as well as plenty of chances for girls to come up with their own plans. The Brownie Leader is always there to tell girls more about what is involved too.

Brownies Go For It!

As Brownies get ready to move up to Guides they can try out the Brownies Go For It! to see what is in store for them.