Brownies Go For It!

Towards the end of Brownies, girls complete a special set of activities that prepares them for Guides

Girls look to their future - in Guides and beyond

As girls reach the end of Brownies, they get to work on this set of activities designed just for older Brownies.

What is a Go For It!?

Go For Its! (GFIs!) are activity packs that Guides follow in small groups to find out more about something as well as develop skills and learn about working together. When Guides do GFIs! they work independently in Patrols - small groups similar to Brownie Sixes - to decide what to do and plan how to complete them. One of the best things about GFIs! is that there are loads, covering many different topics from camping to space.

What's special for Brownies?

The Brownies GFI! badge is a chance for girls to learn about what they'll do in Guides and then to look further ahead to what they might want to be or do in the future.

To complete the Brownie GFI! girls are to work with a group of other older Brownies - and sometimes by themselves and try out four (or more!) activities from the Brownie GFI! At least two of the activities should be from the 'Get into Guides' section in the Brownie Adventures book. When a girl has completed her Brownie GFI! they will receive a special Brownie GFI! badge.

Here are two examples of GFI! activities they could choose.

Fact finding mission - Brownies invite a Guide along to their unit meeting and the Guide is asked to take the hot seat for two minutes to answer Brownies' questions about 'Guide Life'.

Lights, camera, action - Brownies make a recording once a week, either at home or as part of a girls' Six at their meeting place. They are to record things they do at Brownies or talk about what it's like to be a Brownie. After they have finished their video diary, use the video to show Rainbows or new Brownies what it's like to be a Brownie.