Brownie Adventure On

After around a year in Brownies, girls work towards their Adventure On badge

The best things I've made in Brownies are friendships and super hero costumes. - Chloe, 7

Brownies try new challenges, explore their Promise and make decisions with Adventure On

The Adventure On badge is the next step for a Brownie when she has achieved her Adventure badge. The badge challenges girls to find what they care about, take adventures in unfamiliar environments and learn new life skills.

Girls could practice new pioneering skills, explore the great outdoors or even learn sign language.

There's no need to wait! A girl can start straightaway with her Adventure On or More Adventures badges if they are eight or nine when they join Brownies.

Working towards the Adventure On badge

When girls get going with their Adventure On badge, they need to:

  • continue to explore what their Promise means to them
  • do at least one new interest badge
  • go on an adventure away from the meeting place - and help to plan the trip
  • take part in an activity with girls from Rainbows, Guides or The Senior Section
  • take part in three new You activities to learn about themselves
  • take part in three new Community activities to find out about where they live
  • take part in three new World activities to discover the wider world
  • put forward ideas in a Pow-wow to help decide what happens at Brownies.

As girls work through their Adventure On badge, they can try the activities in any order they like.

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Get started with Adventure On

The Brownie Adventures book guides girls through the Adventure On badge with ideas for activities that girls can complete for You, World and Community tasks - although ideas from girls are important too. Your daughter's Brownie Leader can also give her advice.

More Adventures

When a girl finishes Adventure On, she can get started on her More Adventures badge and thinking about moving up to Guides.