New Adventures at home challenges

Help your girls to explore wellbeing, mental health, and what makes them happy

09 March 2021

We’re excited to bring you our first 2021 Adventures at home challenges!

This first set is all about wellbeing. This last year has been challenging for everyone. Girls have told us they’re feeling more lonely and worried. But they’re also doing the things that they can do take care of themselves and keep well, such as keeping in touch with friends and family, playing games and enjoying the outdoors. Our challenges are designed to help them understand what makes them happy, and what they can do to look after their wellbeing.

You can do these together with your unit during a virtual meeting, or you can send them on to girls to do at home. Our challenges are not part of the Girlguiding programme, but they are inspired by the topics that girls tell us they care about. We hope they inspire girls to try new things and learn new skills. 

For Rainbows and Brownies

'What makes you happy? Is it spending time with your family or reading your favourite book? What about eating your favourite snack or playing fun games in your room? You’ve told us how hard this year has been. We want to make sure you’re looking after yourself, especially when things get a little tough.'

Challenge your Rainbows and Brownies to create a happiness map. This will be something they can use to think about what they enjoy doing and reflect on the things they could do to check in with themselves.

You can find the full challenges, along with a doodling activity sheet, on the Adventures at home hub: 

For Guides and Rangers

You’ve told us how hard the last year’s been. We want to make sure you feel supported to look after yourself, even when times are hard. Happiness is unique to everyone, there isn’t one single thing that makes everyone happy. It’s time to discover what your happiness looks like.

Challenge your Guides and Rangers to create a happiness plan. This will help girls to identify what makes them happy, and think about things they can do to look after themselves when they’re feeling down.

We’ve included lots of selfcare suggestions girls can try out to see what works for them, along with a doodling activity sheet.

You can find the full challenges on the Adventures at home hub:

We hope you and the girls enjoy these new challenges! We’ll be releasing a new set for girls to tackle every quarter. In the meantime, you can access all our past Adventures at home challenges on our website, just under these new wellbeing challenges.