Campaigns led by girls

Girls like you are a powerful force for change. You can lead campaigns to improve the lives of all girls and young people

Girlguiding is girl-led, which is why all of our campaigns are based on our research and our members' views. This helps our campaigns to do as much good as possible - Ashvini Rae, 18, Girlguiding Advocate

Take action to make girls' lives better

We support girls like you to talk directly to politicians and change-makers. Because when you speak out, you make change happen.

Why is campaigning important?

We know from our research that many girls and young women don't feel listened to by people in power. Through campaigning, you can ensure that key issues you care about are addressed in a real, tangible way. We're here to support you to do that.

You know better than anyone what girls want, so all of Girlguiding's campaigns are led by girls like you. You tell us what you think through our Girls' Attitudes Survey and the Advocate panel - and we're consulting with you more and more.

Girls leading campaigns

And this is just the beginning. We've got lots of exciting plans in the pipe line, chock full of opportunities for you to speak out. Keep an eye on this page for more details coming soon.

End sexual harassment in schools

Support our Advocates so that no girl has to experience sexual harassment when she is trying to learn.