Girls' Attitudes Survey

Our annual flagship survey into the lives of girls and young women in the UK

While it is very disheartening to see girls facing inequality, we also find it encouraging seeing how clear girls are in wanting to change the lives of women and girls for the better. The Girls’ Attitudes Survey means we have a greater insight into how we can tackle these issues and how this changes over time. – Girlguiding Advocates

What girls and young women have to say

As the UK's leading charity for girls and young women we've been asking girls what they think every year since 2009 through our Girls' Attitudes Survey. We collect the views of over 1,600 girls and young women aged 7 to 21 across the UK. 

Both Girlguiding and non-Girlguiding members tell us how they feel about a wide range of issues affecting their lives today and how this changes over time. It’s their chance to share their views on the issues that directly affect them, and be heard at the highest levels of decision-making across the UK.

Girls' Attitudes Survey 2016

This year girls and young women told us that they feel held back by gender stereotypes, sexism, and anxiety about how they look. They think they may not achieve their aspirations because they don’t feel safe, they’re facing double standards on what behaviour is acceptable because they’re girls and they don’t feel the same roles are open to them compared to boys.

Yet it’s clear girls are challenging this unfairness. They’re reclaiming the internet to express their views and have a voice. They’re calling out sexism where they see it and demanding that women and girls aren’t judged by how they look and have equal opportunities now and in their futures. 

Themes of the report

Girls told us about the challenges they’re facing and what they want to change in relation to:

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