Resources to support you with data protection

Resources to help you with data protection

Resources to help you with data protection 

Our checklist includes all the actions you need to take. This checklist was developed in 2018 to help you get ready for the new data protection rules (also known as GDPR), but you can still use it now. 

Data protection information
Find all the information you need

Keeping information safe
Our leaflet tells you what you need to know about data protection and handy dos and dont's

Handling personal data
Follow these procedures to make sure you're handling personal data appropriately. 

Managing information policy
Our policy setting out how we collect and use information appropriately and store it safely.

Reporting a data breach procedure
What to do if personal data has been lost, stolen or shared inappropriately.

Personal data requests procedure
What to do if you receive a request about a person’s personal data we are using.

Photography hints and tips for counties, divisions and districts
Data protection legislation has changed the ways we use photos, so we’ve created some hints and tips to help.

Stay up to date

Keep an eye on Making guiding happen for the latest data protection information to make sure you keep up to date. If you don't currently receive the email contact [email protected]