LGBT members

Celebrate and support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members

How you can create an environment where young members and volunteers can truly be themselves

It's vital that guiding remains a safe space for LGBT members - especially since they are still likely to experience discrimination elsewhere. Our guidance on sexuality and gender identity are designed to help you make a safe environment in your unit.

Talking to young members

Conversations about sexuality and gender identity may arise naturally during unit meetings - so we have created a number of resources for you on supporting in-unit discussions. These include our Let's Talk resources, which covers advice on how to respond if a young person confides in you about their sexuality, and our Guiding Conversation on Sex, Gender and Bullying, aimed at supporting instigating conversations at District and Division level.

Planning activities and residentials

Find out more about some key considerations for including young trans members in activities, weekly meetings and residentials.

Join us at Pride!

We have an annual presence at Pride throughout the UK! Find out how you can join Girlguiding at Pride.