The Girlguiding programme

The Girlguiding programme describes the opportunities that we provide to girls when they come to meetings

Girls are challenged, inspired and empowered through our programme - and have loads of fun!

Our young members meet regularly with their units and take part in activities, experiences and opportunities. We call this the programme. Leaders and volunteers have a special responsibility to plan and deliver a programme with plenty of chances for girls to find out who they are - and to become their best self.

What the programme gives to girls

Through their programme girls should:

  • learn about themselves
  • find their voice, discover how to use it and feel empowered to do so
  • gain skills and confidence so that they feel they can take risks and achieve wonderful things.

The structure of the programme

The activities in each section's programme follow an Educational Framework and are structured around five key elements, known as the Five Essentials. This structure ensures that we all support girls and young women to reach their fullest potential in a consistent way.

The programme for each section is tailored to the ages and abilities of the girls who take part. Find out what girls do in their programme across our sections:

Running the programme in your unit

Use the guidance notes for section Leaders to make sure girls get the most out of the programme you offer, and that you are applying the Five Essentials.

Our guidance notes for The Senior Section are being updated - but if you run a Senior Section unit, you'll find lots of useful information in our Being a Leader for The Senior Section e-learning resource.