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Logos, branding, trade marks, copyright and the use of Girlguiding publications

Girlguiding recognises the importance of promoting a strong, professional, recognisable identity at all levels, from national to local.

Logos and branding

Our Girlguiding Identity Guidelines contain rules which determine the correct use of our words, logos, colours and imagery to ensure that they are used consistently and are therefore immediately recognisable.

Further guidance and toolkits for members to use, such as writing guidelines, publications guidelines, and guidelines for making everything from badges to banners are available in the resources area of the Girlguiding website.

Trade marks and copyright

Girlguiding has protected as far as possible the use of certain terminology and designs. These are registered trade marks and must not be used by any manufacturer on any goods for sale without written permission from Girlguiding UK.

All published material is covered by the law of copyright. This includes text, illustrations, computer programs, sound and film recordings, broadcasts and sheet music. Anyone wishing to copy published material for a guiding purpose must contact each copyright holder requesting permission (preferably written) to reproduce the material. Permission may not be required:

  • When an item is out of copyright, ie when the author has been dead for at least 70 years
  • When an item is ‘traditional’ (and it is reasonable to assume that the author has been dead for at least 70 years)
  • To quote a very small extract as part of a review of the material or for research or private study. 

Material published by Girlguiding

In general, permission is required to photocopy or otherwise reproduce any part of a Girlguiding publication (printed or electronic) which is copyright. However, the Association has given a general permission for photocopies to be taken by members of the Association, or their parents, carers, from Association publications provided that they comply with certain conditions.