Corporate narrative and key messages

What our policy says about the media, politics and partnerships

Our corporate narrative explains the things that make guiding unique.

From the corporate narrative come four key messages. These can be used to promote Girlguiding in a positive, clear, consistent and accurate manner.

  • We are for all girls. 
  • We give girls their own space.
  • We give girls a voice.
  • We change as the lives of girls change.

The media

Advice on dealing with local media can be obtained from the division, county, country or region public relations adviser/coordinator. Before expressing an opinion to the national media on any matter of Girlguiding policy or principle, or proposing to deal with the national media for any reason, especially in an emergency, members must get advice from the country or region office or the Girlguiding Press Office.


Girlguiding works with other organisations to promote the aims of guiding. The reputation, policies and practices of these organisations must be compatible with the aims of Girlguiding. The Association is independent of any political organisation or party and does not make political statements on behalf of its members.

Membership of Girlguiding must not be used in any way to promote directly the advancement of individual members’ party political interests or to advance an individual’s campaigning interests.

However, the Association believes it has a role to play in citizenship education and encourages its members to participate in the democratic process. It recognises its responsibility to prepare girls and young women for civic leadership. It offers them full and fair information on issues which concern them and encourages them to find constructive solutions.

The Association also seeks out opportunities to speak out on behalf of its young members, ensuring that their views reach key policy-makers and opinion-formers.

Members must take care to ensure that they as individuals, and any guiding groups in which they have a role, are not laid open to accusations of party political bias. If taking part in a political meeting or activity as an individual, a member must not speak on behalf of Girlguiding or wear any clothing that could lead to those present assuming that the member is representing the views of Girlguiding.


It is the policy of Girlguiding to seek and enter into sponsorship partnerships that offer ‘added value’ to members and enable the Association to fund projects that would not otherwise be possible. However, sponsorship opportunities are only accepted where they enhance the Association’s name, help to fulfil its aim and contribute to mutually beneficial partnerships.

Country/region offices and the Girlguiding Partnerships team are able to offer any support that members require before signing any form of contract with a sponsor or grant-making body such as a local authority.