Why our existing programme is still a great investment

Does the plan for new programme mean you need to stop buying the old? Not quite yet.

13 December 2016

Keep using and enjoying the current programme

We’re thrilled to be working with members to develop a new programme for Girlguiding. But because it won’t be ready to launch until summer 2018 - and our existing programme won’t be phased out until September 2019 - there are still roughly 100 meetings for the girls and young women in your units to enjoy the fun activities from our current selection.

By continuing to buy and use the current programme resources and badges over the next three years, you’ll be able to provide girls rewarding and fun experiences and a sense of continuity as they progress with Girlguiding. Also, our existing resources are full of valuable tips and insights that will remain useful to Leaders for years to come, so we recommend buying them while they're still in stock.

All of our fantastic uniforms, apart from The Senior Section, will be staying the same - so you can continue to recommend their purchase with confidence. Even uniforms for The Senior Section will remain for some time - so young women and parents can continue to purchase them.

All of our uniforms and resources are easily available, with great value delivery, through our online shop - where all profits go back to Girlguiding.