Ways to mark Remembrance

Try our unit meeting activities and pick up one our special Remembrance products, all created with The Royal British Legion

04 October 2021

Remember with your unit

This November, mark Remembrance with our unit meeting activities created with the Royal British Legion. Remembrance can mean different things to different people. The activities are a great way to explore what it means to your unit – from the poppy fields of the First World War, to stories of women working in the resistance during the second. Think too about those who protect and support us today, from police officers to supermarket workers.

There’s a different activity for each section and they’re all free to download. The activities combine craft and creativity with stories and thoughts to help girls to reflect:

Remembrance Day is traditionally marked on 11 November (or the nearest Sunday) and is an opportunity to remember those who have died in the line of duty. Taking part is a personal choice.

This year, Remembrance and Remembrance Sunday events may be working a little differently, depending on restrictions in your area. 

If you do decide to attend a Remembrance event in person as a guiding member or would like to take young members, you will need to make sure that you have informed your commissioner and completed a risk assessment if necessary.  Make sure you are following local and government restrictions in your area. 

Our Remembrance badges

We’ve once again teamed up with the Royal British Legion to develop Remembrance badges for 2021.

This year, the Royal British Legion are marking 100 years of supporting members of the Armed Forces and their families. Our new badges mark this huge milestone, using the life-cycle of the poppy as inspiration. The poppy has a long history as a symbol of Remembrance and hope. The badges show the seeds from the poppy scattering, portraying how the Royal British Legion will continue to grow over the next 100 years, providing help and support wherever it's needed. 

Here are a few words from our designer on the thinking behind the design:

'This range gets the inspiration directly from the life cycle of the poppy, reinforcing the message of bringing new life into the next 100 years. 

The design incorporates a 'starburst' of seeds that radiate from the poppy using the Royal British Legion colours of black, green and red for the cloth badge, and this is reinterpreted as a metallic sparkle on the pin badge.

The tiny poppy seeds, at first dormant in the ground and then bursting through the soil with new life, represent keeping the Royal British Legion's extraordinary stories and achievements alive for the next 100 years.’ David Jones, design lead, Girlguiding

Our 2021 badges are now out of stock, but you can buy lots of other items from our Remembrance range from our online shop. 50% of the profits from your purchase will go to the Royal British Legion, and 50% will go to Girlguiding. 

The Royal British Legion

We’ve teamed up with the Royal British Legion to help mark Remembrance Day. The Royal British Legion is a charity which provides care and support to the Armed Forces community past and present, and their families. The charity is well known for the annual Poppy Appeal and its red poppy emblem. Their aims are to make sure the memories of those who have sacrificed live on through the generations and to help the British Armed Forces, veterans and their families have a more hopeful future.