Updates to the Complaints policy and procedure

And what it means for you.

05 July 2022

We’ve updated our Complaints policy and procedure.

We held a consultation in January to get feedback from our volunteers, which helped us to revise them. As ever, thanks to all who responded. 

The Complaints policy is one that people who aren’t in Girlguiding can use if they want to make a complaint. This might be the owner of a venue, or a member of the public.  

So it’s important you read and understand this policy and its procedure, in case you need to refer someone to it.  

It’s not only about making a complaint either, it’s also about investigating a complaint – which you may find yourself needing to do if you’re a senior volunteer. 

As for what you need to follow in the policy, not much has changed. We’ve better explained our expectations for those making and handling a complaint. We’ve also clarified how Girlguiding handles complaints at the local level and at county/region level. 

We’ve updated the procedures to make them clearer and easier to understand. The complaints procedure also has a new section about how to respond to complaints. This is useful for all volunteers, no matter what role you have. The investigation procedure is for use by anyone appointed to investigate a concern. We’ve updated this to make the process more transparent. This includes explaining decision-making more clearly and adding information about how we appoint investigators.