“Thousands of people saw the campaign posters”

Hear how member Milly made the most of our resources during last year’s volunteer recruitment campaign, Know Your Place.

Daisy, member comms team
05 September 2018

Our second volunteer recruitment campaign is launching in the autumn.

And now’s the time to get ready.

From chatting to parents about volunteering to identifying where you could use some more support, there’s lots of top tips to help you prepare. The campaign will mostly target potential volunteers through social media and online ads. We’ll also share artwork for posters, flyers and assets for you to download and spread the word locally and on social media.

But we know there’s nothing better than hearing from your fellow volunteers on what’s worked for them. So we spoke to Milly, Leader of 3rd South Paisley Rainbows and 33rd Paisley Brownies and Division Commissioner for Paisley, to hear how she used last year’s recruitment campaign resources to reach out to potential volunteers. 

What do you usually do to find new volunteers?

We’ve tried a variety of things in recent years. Social media is always popular, along with attending local gala days, welcome days at local colleges and schools, and using local news websites to advertise that we’re looking for new volunteers.


How did you use last year’s recruitment campaign resources and materials to help you engage potential volunteers?

We found lots of handy tips and advice on the Girlguiding website, which we shared with our volunteer teams and other units. For example, we used the information on giving a warm welcome and made sure that commissioners were using the action plan.

We also took it upon ourselves to maximise our position in town and be as visual as possible – such as by getting involved in a Halloween parade in our town centre with a big Girlguiding banner! Another highlight was attending the local college freshers fair, distributing leaflets and encouraging students to join us. We used the Know Your Place posters and had the campaign video playing on a laptop. And, we made sure we had a presence online by sharing the video on social media.  

Tell us about more about the recruitment stall you ran with Know Your Place materials...

I got in touch with our local shopping centre and managed to negotiate a decent price with them as I explained the stall was for a good cause, and that we wouldn’t be making a profit from it. Our team all agreed that it was worth the cost to get Paisley Girlguiding’s name out there!

We were in the shopping centre from 9am-5pm on a Saturday in December, which was a great opportunity to see and talk to lots of people as the town was busy with Christmas shoppers. The stall was managed by the division team, including Laura, Assistant Division Commissioner for Paisley, who you can see in the photo! We put together a small goodie bag with sweets and contact details that we passed on to any adults that looked interested. We also handed out some recruitment leaflets aimed at girls, as it was a good time to get some of them interested in guiding as well.

What were the results of your recruitment stall?

We did have some new volunteer enquiries afterwards – I can’t say for sure that these came from the recruitment stall, but I know that it helped us promote Girlguiding in Paisley! Thousands of people would have seen our posters in the shopping centre.

Get recruitment ready

If you’ve been inspired by Milly’s work in Paisley and want to run your own recruitment stall, find out more about how you can get ready for this year’s volunteer recruitment campaign.